Research and Development Office

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In line with the national economic construction and technological development, also for the purpose to integrate the college’s research energy efficiently, the Office of Research and Development was established since 1999. The missions of the office are to promote the research and development works of the college, and play to role of being the major contact unit for external resources.

The tasks of this office are as follows:

1. To make effective use of the college research equipment and academic resources.
2. To enhance the communications and interactions with government and industry.
3. Promote technological development and the promotion of industrial technology upgrading.
4. Encourage the teaching faculties to seek for external research funding.
5. Undertake research projects from public sectors and private enterprises.
6. Implement student’s professional internships and their employment counseling.
7. Provide alumni services.
8. Implement students’ education with the demands from the industry.

The office is also in charge of international cooperation and Cross-strait exchanges.

There are three sub-divisions under this office. They are:

Division of International Affairs and Cross Straight Exchange:
Division of Research Projects and industrial-Academic Cooperation
Division of Job and Career counseling


Division of Internship and Career Services
 Title / Name Extension E-mail Agent
Chief officer/Perng Min-Lin(Judy) 611 Lee Chu-Wan



Business Operation:

1. Integrated Career Guidance Section Business Planning, Planning and Implementation.

2. To supervise the work of the contractors and their performance appraisal.

3. To develop student professional skills license and competition.

4. Employment counseling activities planning and planning.

5. Employment Program Program supervision and planning

6. Alumni Association of business supervision and planning.

7. Recruitment activities on campus supervision and planning.

8. Employment related platform supervision and planning.

9. Graduates flow to the supervision and planning of the survey.

10. Student internship related business.

11.Take charge of other assigned matters.

 Title / Name Extension E-mail Agent
clerk/Lian Zeng-Fu(Jacky) 615 Lan Yao-Ching

 Business Operation:1. To apply for employment program verification and closing.

2. Fresh graduates for specialized occupation and technical personnel higher and]

ordinary exam registration.

3 for students in the certificate and competition awards and fill in the basic school


4. Assist students in grade C skills test registration application and skills test matters.

5 various types of skills certification previous exam online test data set-up and


6. The implementation of the activities of the campus recruitment and handling.

7. Employment-related platform advocacy and implementation.

8. To provide students with further education and employment information, and

announced on the site.

9. Employment Services Subsidy Scheme is completed and handled.

10 for all employment talks.

11 for the school basic database and professional license added.

12. Students supervision and management.

13. Property inventory and scrapped.

14. Petty gold management.

15.Take charge of other assigned matters.


 Title / Name Extension E-mail Agent
Crew member/Lan Yao-Ching(David) 618 Lian Zeng-Fu

 Business Operation:1. Alumni Association of the implementation of the business and related activities.

2. Graduates to the platform for the maintenance, management and implementation.

3. Alumni back to their parents to implement and handle activities.

4 special shop to recruit and sign.

5. Outstanding alumni recommendation and selection.

6. Alumni Association editor and print.

7. Alumni Association Newsletter EDIT and send.

8. Alumni Association website area information construction and maintenance

9. Graduate database construction and maintenance.

10.Graduates employment counseling and contact.

11. Student internship related business.

12. Organize internship materials and fill in the basic school database.

13. To collect the graduates’ information and fill in the basic database of school affairs.

14. Student off-campus internships and employer satisfaction survey compilation and


15.Take charge of other assigned matters.



Job description



Iris Yi-Shin Liou

Supervising the performance of the Office of Research and Development.


Chu-Wan Lee


Chu-Wan Lee

1. Promoting the academic development of the university.

2. Supervising the projects commissioned from the Ministry of Education and related government organizations.

3. Leading the industrial-academic cooperation and related business affairs.

4. Assisting the establishment of various research and development teams in the university.


Min-Lin Perng


Ping-Yu Lee

1. The execution of academic development programs.

2. Handling various academic projects and corresponding affairs.

3. Dealing with the projects of Ministry of Education and other government organizations.

4. Establishing relations with domestic strategic alliance partnership.

5. Leading the industrial-academic cooperation and related business affairs.

6. Assisting the establishment of various research and development teams in the university.

7. Connecting the cooperation between the university and domestic academic institutes.

8. Assist teacher’s special research projects.

9. Handling with student’s research project competitions and inter-school competitions.

10. Assisting teachers in proposing research projects to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

12. Organizing the teachers’ industrial-academic collaboration.

13. Organizing the lectures for the growth of faculty’s R & D energy.

14. Applying for the projects’ assistants’ insurance matters.

15. Other given tasks.



Yuan-fang Lin


Division of International Affairs & Cross Strait Exchange





Chief Officer

Tsung-Chia Lee


Yi-Shin Liou



1. Assist various school departments, offices, and centers to conduct international academic exchanges activities.

2. Supervise and assist interaction with both domestic and international academic institutions.

3. Help promote bilingual environment construction in schools.

4. The co-ordination of overseas exchange program affairs.

5. Overseas Internship Program establishment and maintenance of related to internship regulations.

6. Assist in receiving and settlement of international students.

7. Other administrative affairs.







Yuan-Fan Lin


Ping-Yu Lee



1. Assist in the establishment of Joint Dual Degree Programs with partner institutions.

2. Assist in the contract dealing and implementation of the International Academic Exchange Cooperation programs.

3. Assist further study to overseas of faculties and students.

4. Organizer for new coming prospective international students’ enrolment, reception, orientation.

5. Assist to conduct international academic conferences of various departments.

6. Assist on the establishment of bilingual environment in schools.

7. Organize and submit the Joint Recruiting Plan of Mainland China students to government organizations.

8. The Statistics and reporting to Ministry of Education of overseas Chinese and foreign students ’data.

9. The processing and reporting to Ministry of Education of Overseas internship students affairs.

10. Be responsible for receiving, orientation, coaching and networking activities for foreign students.

11. Be responsible for registration, physical examination, opening bank accounts and application for mobile phone account and other affairs of international students.

12. Take good care of daily life for foreign students.

13. Organize CKU Handbook for foreign students and file all personal information

14. Assist in recruiting the students of overseas youth technology training programs.

15. Do the records of the various meetings of the Division and Office.

16. Be responsible to the management of international affairs division website.

17. Take charge of other assigned matters.