Personnel Office

Telephone:886-2-24372093 ext. 132



The Personnel Office provides full personnel and human resources services to our faculty, staff, and all the other employees. The office takes charge of the recruitment, appointment, promotion, dismissal and retirement of the university faculty and staff members. It helps verify teachers’ qualifications and accreditation; deals with salary and wages, insurance and leave requests; administers rewards and punishments and handles applications for further education and so forth. The following is the contact information of the office.




Job Description


Lu, Chung-yu

(02)2437-2093 Ext.130


Ø   Maintain and update employment policies

Ø   Oversee all personnel related matters


Shan, Chung-ying

(02)2437-2093 Ext.131

Ø   Handle appointment and continuous appointment review of the faculty

Ø   Help verify teachers’ qualifications and certificates

Ø   Hold faculty evaluation commission meetings

Ø   Handle the annual faculty evaluation matters

Ø   Handle outside practice and related matters

Ø   Maintain the university timetables

Ø   Other assigned matters


Chuang, Mei-feng

(02)2437-2093 Ext.132

Ø   Maintain and keep records on all employees

Ø   Release personnel orders

Ø   Administer compensation and benefits (payroll, health insurance, retirement/extension of service beyond retirement plans, transportation subsidies and other perks)

Ø   Administer the MOE-sponsored fund, the ordinary part and related matters

Ø   Hold staff evaluation commission meetings, faculty/staff appeal-and-appraisal commission meetings and related matters

Ø   Inform changes of policies

Ø   File the university statistics

Ø   Issue service certificates

Ø   Maintain department webpage

Ø   Other assigned matters

Contract Clerk

Chen, Yi-jiun

(02)2437-2093 Ext.133

Ø   Post job listings

Ø   File paperwork on job applicants

Ø   Check and keep records of employee attendance

Ø   Track vacation time and pay

Ø   Handle labor insurance and health insurance for contract employees

Ø   Arrange school activities

Ø   Maintain department webpage

Ø   Other assigned matters