The Physical Education Division


The Physical Education Division was established to develop studentsphysical health and fitness.

Our Objectives

• Developing studentsbasic capabilities,sports skills, and essential physical skills to join athletic activities.
 Building up studentsknowledge and a positive concept of physical education; developing positive attitudes
   toward sports activities.
 Inspiring the joy from and advantages of doing exercise; developing the habit of doing exercise regularly.
 Strengthening physical development, promoting a lifestyle of sustained exercise, and advancing balanced    development between mental and physical capacities.

Our Services

• Organizing sports teams, such as track and field team, basketball team, Tai Kwan Dao team and fencing team.
 Holding the campus-wide sports contest.
• Managing the sports fields.
 Lending sports equipment.

職稱:Sports team leader

姓名: Chiu-Yen Wang


  1. Planning sports activities both inside and outside the


  1. The allocation and implementation of the school

sports equipment budget

  1. Planning stadiums and equipment
  2. Planning Supervision Sports Team training events



職稱: Sports team members

姓名:Yi Chen


  1. Stadiums, equipment, equipment management,

borrowing and reimbursement

  1. Undertake various sports-related activities of the

executive branch

  1. Various sports activities, meeting information collated
  2. Sports team webpage management
  3. Sports group management students
  4. Sports group inventory and management of property
  5. Physical Education Group documents sent and received