The Health Center

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The Health Center mainly maintains and promotes the health and well being of students. The objectives are to prevent student from illnesses, to promote students’ physical and mental health and to preserve a safe and healthy campus environment.


Our services

˙Offering health care and consultations.

˙First aid and examination services:

In critical situations such as urgent emergency diseases or accidents causing harm to students, the center can cope with small wounds, and send the patients to the hospital immediately.

˙Annual student physical health examination:

Every year the health center with doctors, nurses and examiners from the hospital conducts an annual physical inspection for new students to examine and prevent chronic diseases (with chest x-rays). Registered students who have high blood pressure, hepatitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, diabetes, and other diseases can schedule an examination or consultation for preventive medical care. Providing continual health care for students is the responsibility of the center.

˙Promoting public health education activities:

1. Volunteers recruitment:

Many students are enthusiastic to be the volunteers of the center, and they enjoy participating in many health education activities.

2. Lectures:

Every year we give lectures on such topics as epidemic and chronic disease prevention, fitness and nutrition, exercise for health, environmental knowledge, etc.

3. First aid training:

Every year there are two sessions for faculty and students to receive emergency first aid training. This can improve the first line of medical defense.

4. Health information:

Flyers and other propaganda materials regarding public health are offered by this center.

˙Food nutrition and public health:

To assist the campus cafeterias, and to oversee the hygiene of the facilities, we weekly inspect the general sanitation, utensils, and food products from the sources. Every semester there is a review to ensure that the employees at these facilities understand the health measures which need to be taken.

˙Water safety and hygienic inspections:

The center sends out members to inspect water quality to ensure that drinking water from the campus equipment is potable and dose not contain various unwanted bacteria.

˙Environmental protection administration and resource recycling:

For both waste reduction and eco-recycle purposes, we encourage students to do the resource recycling for reutilization. In addition, we try to cultivate students’ sense of environmental protection to create a healthy, safe and comfortable campus environment.