Office of General Affairs

The words of Dean

The works of the General Affairs Office are related to everyone in CKU. In addition to supplying a wide range of administration supports, we also provide sufficient service to teaching on the campus and many other daily activities. It is our goal to make CKU a “smart” campus, which provides a safe, comfortable, informative, and eco-friendly environment to students and teachers. To accomplish this aim, General Affairs Office needs your comments and supports. Please feel free to let us know how to make our college better.


Position Name Phone Number Fax Number
Dean of General Affairs Prof. Cheng, Chun-pin
02-24372093#401 02-24376209

General Affairs Division

• Purchase of goods.
• Management of school areas, janitors and vehicles.
• Maintenance of the properties and belongings.
• Cleaning and maintenance of the surroundings.
• Payment of water bills, power bills, phone bills and traffic bills.
• Support of work regarding school celebrations or special activities.

Property Custody Division

  • Land and buildings management.
    • Articles and property management.
    • Verification on returned items.

Cashier Division

  • Payment to faculty and staff.
    • Payment to full-time school guidance counselors.
    • Income collections of students’ miscellaneous fees, vacation tuition fees, promissory deposits, guarantee   checks, etc.
    • Payment including factories & companies fees, various sections fees, students’ scholarship fees, and
    worker-student fees

Construction and Infrastructure Division

  • Major construction:Planning, designing, selecting architect, constructing, supervising and examining   construction projects after investigation by the committee.
    • General construction:Planning, designing, constructing, supervising and examining.
    • Maintaining and preserving campus buildings.
    • Maintaining and preserving campus facilities.
    • Supporting water and electricity system, air-conditioning and fire faculty facilities, etc.