Continuing Education center

Development Goals

  For the purpose to practice the philosophy of “continuing education”, the Continuing Education Center was founded in 1983. The center had offered a variety of credit and non-credit classes. Following the college’s development goals, the center has offered a wide range of educational and research opportunities to meet people’s needs from industry. The center had also created the coursed demanded by the residents of the nearby communities. It offers specialized technical training for the people to enhance their competitiveness in the workplace

Characteristics and current status:

  With the impacts of internationalization, declining birthrate, and the growing amount of aging group, the center has developed its philosophy of continuing education: ‘Keeping life-long learning, inheriting skills and technology’. In response to social changes and to meet the coming era of holistic education, the center will lead the continuing education into a new dimension.


Director: Prof. Cheng, Jun-ping
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Staff: Ms. He, Lan-Siang
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