Center for Environmental Safety & Hygiene

Title / Name Telephone E-mail Proxy
Director /Prof. Cheng, Chun-pin (02)2437-2093#401 Kang, Shu Min
Responsibilities 1.The proposed work program
2.Managing and Administrating all affairs
Title / Name Telephone E-mail Proxy
Kang, Shu Min  (02)2437-2093#420 Cheng, Chun-pin
Responsibilities 1.Monitoring systems management.
2.Enforcing the plans about emergency measure, fire safety management.
3. Contact Access Security.
4.Monitoring environmental protection and occupational safety and hygiene on campus.
5.Laboratory safety and hygiene management.
6.Website information update.
7.Managing the disposal and treatment of general, toxic and hazardous wastes.