The Center for General Education

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Introduction to General Education

The Center for General Education is aimed to provide all-around education to serve the community and to promote lifelong learning. Students shall become good citizens by pursuing academic excellence, mental/physical health, and caring for the people.

Organization Chart

The center has strong bond with the other eleven departments in the school and the administration to cultivate students’ good humanistic qualities. Our center constitutes twenty-three faculties, including eight associate professors, three assistant professors, two project assistant professors, nine lecturers, and one administrative assistant. All teachers are experienced, enthusiastic and have their own specifications.

The Objectives

The objective of general education is to help students not only in cultivating their minds and moral integrity but in developing their proficiency in judgment-making and professionalism. The general education curriculum is designed for students’ acquisition of a wide range of skills and knowledge. These skills include the understanding and appreciation of Chinese heritage; the ability in using foreign languages properly; the participation in social affairs; the manipulation of information technology; the cultivation of logical thinking; and the improvement of their health and physical conditions.

Related Affairs and Activities

* The planning of curriculum
* General education salons
* General education committee
* Teachers’ seminars
* Liberal arts lectures
* Remedial courses
* English proficiency graduation requirements
* English ability grouping teaching

Faculty of Languages: Chinese
柯香君 Associate Professor #141
劉向仁 Lecturer #142
李玲玲 Lecturer #141
薛玲玲 Lecturer #144
鄭卉芸 Lecturer #142
陳鴻逸 Project Assistant Professor #802
Faculty of Languages: English
劉怡昕 Associate Professor & Director, Research and Development Office #610
周啟葶 Associate Professor #511
謝琦梅 Lecturer #141
黃碧聰 Lecturer #272
陳耿雄 Project Assistant Professor #814
Faculty of Natural Sciences
施貝淳 Associate Professor & Chair of The Center for General Education #149
謝正英 Associate Professor #236
吳國文 Associate Professor & Vice President for Academic Affairs #201
徐竹芹 Lecturer #140
Faculty of Social Sciences
鄭俊彬 Associate Professor & Dean of General Affairs & Chair of Continuing Education Affairs #401
鄭黛瓊 Associate Professor #144/143
李明勳 Assistant Professor

姜竹如 Lecturer & Director of Student Activity Division #310
洪葦倉 Lecturer & Director of Curriculum and Instruction Services Division #212
Faculty of Physical Education
黃恆祥 Associate Professor #293
陳鴻祥 Assistant Professor & Director of Continuing Education Division #502
The Center for General Education
施貝淳 Chair of The Center for General Education #149
Organizational operation
鄭黛瓊 Administrative Teacher #143
operation assistance
陳莞華 Administrative Assistant #143
operation assistance