The Affiliated College School of Continuing Education

Dean of Continuing Education

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• Conducting the overall administrative works of the divisions.
• Making annual plans for the admission, recruitment and curriculums.
• Setting up teaching characteristics based on the school objectives.
• Conducting periodical academic meetings and meetings related to the office.
• Setting up the working concepts and manners for the staff.

Division of Registration

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• Establishing records on enrollment, registration and academic grades.
• Managing the affairs related to students’ academic grades.
• Assessing students’ graduation qualification and issuing students’ diplomas.
• Handling students’ application related to academic affairs.
• Offering scholarship for students in good academic performance.
• Appling/Continuing/Abandoning Security Insurance for Students.

Division of Curriculum

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• Administering the affairs related to curriculums.
• Dealing with teacher resignations and make-up classes.
• Management of applications for exam writing papers.

Division of Student Affairs

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• Dealing with students’ rewards and punishments.
• Offering the medical advice.

Division of General Affairs

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• Dealing with car and motorcycle passes.
• Management of properties and belongings.
• Preparing, controlling and utilization of the budget for the department on an integrated basis