Department of Applied Cosmetic Science


The Department of Applied Cosmetic Science was established in 1995. Now we offer two-year and four-year college programs for both the Day and the Night Division. Besides, the two-year junior college program is also designed for On-the-job Professional Division.

The objectives of this department are to prepare students with expertise in cosmetics and management of beauty business at a professional level. The core curriculums are beauty, skin care and management together with the knowledge of cosmetic technology. The graduates will gain abilities to work in the relevant industries.

In teaching facilities, this department provides air-conditioning classrooms and professional labs such as spa lab, skincare lab, fashion and styling design lab. The aim of this department is to offer students theoretical lecture and a hands-on laboratory experience to meet the demand of the cosmetics industry.




Courses For the Four-year College Program


Required Courses

Chemistry Chemistry Experiment
Cosmetic Chemistry Cosmetic Preparation
Introduction to Biochemistry Cosmetic Inspection
Cosmetic Microbiology & Experiment Natural Product Cosmetic
Efficacy Evaluation of Cosmetics Biotechnology of Cosmetics
Biology Anatomy and Physiology (I)
Production to Beauty and Health Care Anatomy and Physiology (II)
Nutriology for Beauty Naturopathy
Aromatic Ecology Ching-Row Medicine
Cosmetic Pharmacology Aesthetic Medicine
Chromatics Popular Iconograph
Make Up Skills and Practices Modeling Design and Practices (I)
Hairdo Design Modeling Design and Practices (II)
Make Up Accouterments Design
Performance Art Cosmetologist Practices Training
Cosmetic Regulations and Laws Reading and Discussion
Issue Research (I) Issue Research (II)
Home Economics Safe and Hygiene of Occupation
Psychology Marketing
Popular Education  



Selective Courses

Evaluation of Cosmetic Safety Formula Design of Cosmetics
Professional Skin Care Professional Body Care and Practices
Nutriology for Beauty Aromathorapy
Energy medicine Introduction o f Chinese Medicine in Cosmetics
Hydrotherapy Practice of Beauty Consultation
Ingretiment Skin Care
Haircutting Skills and Practices (I) Haircutting Skills and Practices (II)
Performance Art History
Photography Dressing Design
Make Up Merchandise Design
Career Development Managements







Chia-Lin Chuang


Associate Professor Introduction to Biochemistry
Biotechnology of Cosmetics
Lih- Jeng Juang


Associate Professor Natural Product and Cosmetics
Efficacy Evaluation of Cosmetics
Mei-Jung Chen Assistant Professor
Aesthetic Medicine
Anatomy and Physiology
Yu-Chun Huang


Assistant Professor Anatomy and Physiology
Cosmetic Pharmacology
Grace Gchao


Assistant Professor Accounterments Design
Modeling Design and Practice
Li-Mei Lin


Lecturer Nutriology for Beauty
Yang-Chuan Lee


Lecturer Cosmetic Preparation
Cosmetic Inspection
Shiu-Chuan Chiu


Lecturer Introduction to Beauty and Health Care
Professional Skin Care
Chi Tsai


Lecturer Cosmetic Chemistry
Cosmetic Regulations and Laws
Tsai-Yi Lin


Lecturer Introduction to Art
Lin-Lin Hsueh


Lecturer Chinese
Wei-Tai Chiang Lecturer Managements